Bijay Rajbhandary, founder and chairman of CE Construction holds a Masters in Construction Management degree from University of New Mexico, USA. Having worked as a Project Manager in a reputed firm in US, he returned to Nepal 33 years ago in order to create opportunities by carrying out developmental activities in the nation. He is a firm believer of giving back to the country.

A Civil Engineer by profession and an entrepreneur by spirit, his spiritual wisdom has guided his company, CE to the heights it has achieved in 33 years since its establishment. Despite a hectic work life, Bijay Rajbhanday leads a well balanced life - catering to his mental and physical well being. He owes his wellbeing to regular practice of Vipassana Meditation and Yoga.

He is a firm believer of the benefits of Vipassana, as it is non-sectarian and has proven to be instrumental in the betterment of his life and in the lives of many others. He is not only an avid practitioner but is also a teacher who conducts a number of courses every year.

In his 41 years of professional career, he has been through many ups and downs. His core strength has been to see the best within people and has always been passionate about mentoring and counseling people.

His sense of compassion has enriched his company culture, turning CE into a company whose staffs contribute to the organization with enthusiasm and with a feeling of gratitude. Bijay Rajbhandary now wishes to share this compassion with the larger masses.

For your own benefit and for the benfit of many, Bijay Rajbhandary has come up with a promising program on 'self-realizations and reflections'. This two days program shall dwell in knowing oneself in order to upgrade ones professional, spiritual and physical capabilities using unique techniques Mr. Rajbhandary has developed and mastered over his lifetime. The coach will share his personal experiences and the instances of failure and moments of true motivation that provided him with the zeal to keep going and to reach a point where he is today.

Many people have been inspired by his words of wisdom and felt positive changes in their lives from his counsels and he hopes his words during this program may inspire you as well.
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